Zen Dragon Gallery November Release Update

Posted on November 11, 2014 by Judy Gex

Zen Dragon Gallery will be doing our first big release Wednesday, November 12th at 3pm EST (Eastern Standard Time). There will be uncuts on the same Curious Red Lacquer Sparkle Metallic paper the show edition was printed on and one variant edition on Curious Cosmic Red Velvet Metallic Foil. There will be 2 listings in the store, one for each print. "Curious Red Lacquer" and"Cosmic Red Velvet Foil" will distinguish the headers. 

:::ONE OF EACH PRINT LIMIT::: Orders for multiples of either Coloween print will be cancelled or partially refunded.

IMPORTANT: Multiple orders will not be combined. The new store software should be much more user friendly than the Paypal interface. 

You will be required to set up a user account. You may do this beforehand. 

• We will not be able to troubleshoot any browser issues on other computers or mobile devices. We have tested the site and have had friends and customers test it as well from their end on computers, iPads and smart phones. We're confident the settings on our end are in good working order. 
Please take the time to visit the new web site before the release to be sure that your browser works with the site. 

There will be several other prints in addition to the WSP Coloween available on this release as listed below. We still have a ton yet to list, but wanted to put a few oldie goldies up this week, too! Over the next month or so, we will be adding more prints to the online store. Some will have more quantity available than others, but all will be from the original limited edition printing. It's been a few years since many of these have been listed for sale anywhere and the back catalog of Drowning Creek and Zen Mystic prints is pretty vast. We'll release prints in blocks of 12 or more, always with advance notice of the items to be released. All newly listed items will show up in the New Releases menu selection for at least a month. The only items we will not formerly announce will be the Scratch & Dent items that will be added as time allows to existing listings.


Included in this release is the "Receiving Enlightenment" art print on the left that was also used for the 2009 Conscious Alliance STS9 GA Theatre shows. On the right is the 2004 Smilefest event poster. Any available details for these and the other prints below will be included their listings.

This print was never released on the Drowning Creek or Zen Mystic web sites.... in 2012, B.B. King & the Tedeschi Trucks Band did an 8 show date tour together and Jeff Wood created the print. Approximately 30"x15" and available in limited quantities in both the SN and the AP editions.


The 2014 Phases of the Moon print was created in partnership with Conscious Alliance for the event's food drive. Available prints are from the Artist Edition. 

The 2010 Fantastic Hullabaloo show was a side event including art and music held in New Orleans during Jazz Fest. Mardi Gras colors with a New Orleans vibe. Printed on black paper stock.

Both from 2007, the High Times Cannabis Cup Amsterdam and the Langerado Music Festival event posters are now available in the Zen Dragon Gallery. Cheech and Chong headlined the Cannabis Cup and Widespread Panic headlined Langerado. Just doesn't get any better than that! Both approximately 15"x22"

The only collaboration in this release, the 2003 Atlanta My Morningposter was illustrated by artist Jason Cooper of Blackheart Studios and composed and printed by Jeff Wood at Drowning Creek. Currently only full sized SN posters are available. There may be a small number of handbills available in the future.


For the Georgia sport fans.... these will now be available for the first time on the internet. Buy one for $15 or both for $25. 

OK, that's it this time.... should go live at 3pm EST Wednesday, November 12.

Panic Halloween Uncut Drop Details....

Posted on November 09, 2014 by Judy Gex

Here's the deets on the drop....

We've made a decision to postpone the drop until Wednesday at 3pm EST instead of doing it tomorrow so I can work out some shipping issues. This will make for a better experience for all. We were all ready to go tomorrow, but when I put the shipping app through its paces, I found some issues that were not conducive to our shipping needs. Sooooo... sorry for the false alarm for Monday.

To answer questions regarding variants, there will be uncuts on the same Curious Red Lacquer Sparkle Metallic paper the cut editions are printed on and one variant edition on Curious Cosmic Red Velvet Metallic Foil. There will be 2 listings in the store, separated to not be confusing. "Curious Red Lacquer" and "Cosmic Red Velvet Foil" will distinguish the headers.

This is a ONE PER ORDER drop. I will refund or cancel orders for multiple prints.

I will also be adding 5 prints from earlier years.... don't freak out if you are worried you will miss out on something by focusing on the Panic uncuts. The items I am adding should show up under the "New Releases" menu button once they are active.

I'm gonna go teach my yoga class and try to get my zen on before coming back to see if I can get this shipping thing nailed down. Again, sorry for postponing the drop, but be happy I caught the discrepancy before it was too late!!

If I think of anything else, I'll post an update.

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And Here We Go......

Posted on August 18, 2014 by Judy Gex

Welcome to the new Zen Dragon Gallery site! Please take a few minutes and read this post. It will explain a few important things about the new site.

We're opening the site with a limited number of items... pretty much what was available on the Zen Mystic Studio site with a couple of other older prints added as examples of the things listed in the rest of this blog post. We're being cautious before we load all of the items that are ready so we can test the site first. This is new store software and we're still learning. We hope there will be no glitches, but if there are, we'd like to catch them before we have 300+ items up. 

How the site is organized
Prints are organized by year, studio name, and other "Collections" as listed on the left hand sidebar found on most pages. The search engine will pull up items that have the word you search for in the title, keywords or listing info. It's pretty easy and a few times clicking on stuff should give y'all a good idea of how to find what you want.

Because there will be so many items in the store, I've set it up so that all variants of a print that has previously been sold in one of our stores will be under one listing for that print. I've added a couple of older prints to illustrate this so y'all can look to see how it will work. New print releases with variant options will be listed as separate items to prevent any confusion. Once the initial drop has been done, any remaining print variants will be condensed down to one listing. 

Print options might include any of the following - SN, AP, AE, PP, SE, Handbill, uncut, Scratch & Dent, paper or ink color variants. Items that have more than one option for purchase will have a drop down menu with all the options listed. Be careful when ordering not to get the wrong option, as I will ship what is on the invoice. The options will be clearly defined using the abbreviations listed below and in the print info where I feel further explanation necessary. I won't do exchanges on mis-ordered prints, so be aware of that when you order.

Abbreviations for editions
We have used a variety of different marks for prints over the years. There were always reasons why we did so, whether it was to differentiate between the band's prints and ours or otherwise. Where there are multiple options for the same print (and there will be on a lot of posters), there will also be different price tiers based on the number of prints available. Here's a list of some of the abbreviations you may encounter:

SN - Signed and numbered
AP - Artist Proof
AE - Artist Edition
PP - Printer's Proof
SE - Subscription Edition
UC -Uncut Edition

Sale Items
I will run various specials on different items. There will be "Easter egg" deals on a few prints. You might find these while going through listings, hence the "Easter egg" label. For example, if you order one poster at full price for a band, you might find a print for the same band to add to your order for $10. Please don't try to order the $10 print without meeting the stated requirement. I will take the deals off the site if it becomes a problem. At present, no sale items are in the listings that are up. They will be added when I upload the bulk of the listings next month.

Scratch & Dent  
I decided to add all Scratch & Dent items to listings as I have time and can go through them. I won't announce those additions to the store. I will try to take pictures, but some flaws are difficult to see in a picture. Many of the S&D items are close to mint. I would never sell something with a flaw in the print area without a pic or adequate description, but there may be listings where I do not have a picture of the flaw(s). You'll have to trust that I've made a qualified assessment and decided on a fair price for the item. The following verbiage will be on all listings with a S&D option:

• The Scratch & Dent option is for damaged prints from editions. These prints are not mint condition, but image area is fine unless otherwise clarified. Due to time constraints, we will not always be able to describe each S&D print individually or take pictures for most of them, especially if there are multiples. Edge and corner damage is to be expected in the margins of the prints listed without a description. Any creases or damage in the print area will be noted in the listings. 
We list them at what we consider a fair price. Sales on S&D prints are final. 

I will try to add as much info to each listing as time allows, but with as many items as I am putting into the store, there may be info that's missing or incomplete. After the bulk of the store is up, I'll go back try to add more info to some listings.

Items that currently say "Sold Out" may at some point have prints available for sale. I will add those prints as time allows.  Emails or messages asking me when I will be adding any particular prints will not be answered because the answer is "I don't know." 

There are approximately 300 more items already input and ready to be turned on in the store once we've made sure everything is working properly.  Those will be added in mid November after the Panic drop has been shipped.  There's still a lot beyond that 300 left to be input... yes, there will be some items pulled from the archive and at some point, we will start to add uncut sheets, prints from other artists, pins, clothing, books and anything else that's not nailed down in the studio.

Be sure to sign up for our mailing list if you would like to get our announcements via email. If you were on a previous DCS email list, you will need to re-opt in for this one. We are very careful with our list and we do not send a ton of notices. However, since there are going to be some specials and hard-to-find prints being listed over the next few months, this will be the best way to know when we add items to the store. Since the numbers on some items are going to be very limited, this will be the best way to have a chance to get one. Purchase will be first come, first served.

Like all new stores, there may be some quirks. If you find one, let us know. Always happy to have that input!

Love and Rockets,

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