Friday, June 12 Store Adds

by Jeff Wood June 11, 2015

We'll be adding a few odds & ends to the store this week.... here's a sampling:

There will be 6 different designs of blotter art available in the store starting at 1pm on Friday, June 12, including the A.T. Furthur, Witchy Woman, Guitar Star, Om Mandala, Zen Dragon Buddha and an Owsley Stanley design. Prices will be $20-30. All but the Owsley design will be signed by Jeff. These are not limited editions, nor are they priced as such. All signed blotter will be $25 except for the Witchy Woman, and that will be priced out at $30.

There will also be a listing for the Om Mandala puzzles. They are 513 pieces, 15" x 22" and come in the cool little metal lunch boxes. There are only 24 available and shipping is included in the price. That allows for them to be ordered in the same order as prints or blotter, since they will have to ship separately from both. There are no plans to reproduce this item, so this is the last time they will be available. 

We will start auctions next week. We've got some oldie goldies that we pulled up from the archives to auction... some Panic prints and some other items that are hard to find. I'll post another blog right before I put those up. Auctions will last 7 days, so there should be enough time for everyone to see them.

That's it for now. Cheers and beers!

Jeff Wood
Jeff Wood


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