The shop area is still a wreck from our January sale, and I have started putting together some Mystery Tubes and other packages of loose stuff I just keep shuffling from one spot to the next. I don't really have a timeline on posting any of that to the web store, but I'll post here and on all 3 of our Facebook pages when I add them..

Shipping is going to be spotty while I clean stuff out. I'll get packages shipped as quickly as I can, but all of my tables are covered while I'm cleaning.

Pictured is Jeff's print "A Southern Joint Show of Rock Art Outlaws." The Atlanta Rock Poster Show 2024 • 18x24 • Screen print • Available at the Show • Printed at Rubysue Graphics Show date is February 17th, 2024 at Sweetwater Brewery, Atlanta Georgia. Come see us!!

Cheers, Judy