IMPORTANT DROP LIMIT INFO: There will be a purchase limit of 2 each of the Charlotte Dead & Co. prints today. Please be kind, and adhere to this. I will cancel orders if purchases are attempted for larger quantities.

While we completely understand that some of you purchase prints for friends and people who can't be at a keyboard at 3pm ET, we still impose limits on certain print drops.

We have imposed limits many times before, , and I don't think I need to explain why to anyone who's purchased posters in the last decade, so.... the skinny is that I don't have time to fool around with a bunch of time bandits while trying to ship prints, so any orders that come in for more than the allotted number will be cancelled completely. That means the entire order.

I realize that does not stop all of the tom-foolery, but it does help.

I will allow orders with up to 2 of each variant of the Dead prints to go through, but that's it. Feel free to pass this on or repost.

Prints will begin shipping next week with the first batch going out on Wednesday, June 7. It's just me handling the shipping, so please be patient!

Cheers, Judy