Studio News, May 31, 2023

Hey Poster People.... here's the hot Summer news you've been waiting for! Three new prints, including the Charlotte Dead & Co. in white and a foil edition, will be going in the store this Friday, June 2 @ 3pm ET.

I do not have all of the details on the editions yet, but I'll post them here as I compile the numbers.

Keep an eye out for an email newsletter with the info if you prefer that format. I'll also cross post to the ZDG, Zen Mystic & Drowning Creek Facebook pages.

Our email notices for orders & labels are still going to customer spam folders. You can either whitelist our email or check your customer account order history for your Delivery Confirmation number after your label has been created. I have no idea on a ship date for individual orders when we do a drop. Prints will begin shipping next week with the first batch going out on Wednesday, June 7. It's just me handling the shipping, so please be patient!

Cheers, Judy