What do all the abbreviations mean?
Here is a short list of abbreviations you might encounter in listings:

S/N - Signed & Numbered
LE - Limited Edition
A/E - Artist Edition
A/P - Artist Proof
P/P - Printer Proof
S/E - Subscription Edition
UC - Uncut
S&D - Scratch & Dent

Can clothing and blankets be shipped with posters?

T-shirts might be shipped with posters, but blankets and Tarpestries will be shipped separately. We've included the shipping cost for those items in the item and no additional shipping will be charged whther ordered alone or with others items.

Print Availability
We are constantly adding prints to the store as time allows. It is entirely possible that a print that was previously listed as sold out can have prints added to the listing. These prints are from the same run as the original show edition, but could be from vending stock or out of our personal archives. There also will be many Scratch & Dent items added at deep discounts as we go through all of the shelves and have time to list them.

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