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What do all the abbreviations mean? 
Here is a partial list of abbreviations on our site:
S/N - Signed & Numbered
LE - Limited Edition
A/E - Artist Edition
A/P - Artist Proof
P/P - Printer Proof
S/E - Subscription Edition
UC - Uncut
UU - Unnumber/Unsigned
U/S - Unnumbered/Signed
S&D - Scratch & Dent

Handbills are not S/N unless otherwise indicated

Can clothing and blankets be shipped with posters?
Clothing, blankets, tapestries, blotter & other items will be shipped separately. No additional shipping will be charged.

Items manufactured by Vision Lab Art (clothing, yoga mats, tapestries, pillows, etc) are shipped via their fulfillment. Posters, prints, decals, blotter are shipped from Zen Dragon's fulfillment. We're 2 separate entities, even though we have both stores' products listed on the Zen Dragon Gallery site.

Will you be adding sold out prints back into the store?
It is possible that a print that was previously sold out can have a couple of prints added to the listing again. These prints are from the same run as the original show edition, but could be from vending stock or from our personal archives. 

Will you be reprinting an edition?
There have been a couple of circumstances where we were asked by the band to reprint a tour or event poster, but no, we will not be reprinting any of the posters on our site. Once they are completely gone, they are gone. Some art may show up as art prints, stickers, blotter, or on tapestries, but not in the original gig poster format.

How accurate are the listings?
We find mistakes in our product listings all of the time, and are always correcting and tweaking them for better accuracy. We're happy to answer questions if something doesn't look right, and we're grateful when folks write to let us know they've discovered a mistake. 

How close to actual size are the dimensions stated in the listings?
We use the term "Approx" in all of the listings because most of the posters & prints are not a standard size. Some of them were cut by hand, some on a 19th century antique paper cutter, etc. Due the the vast number of prints in the store, there isn't time to measure each one to be exact. Some listings were duplicated from other listings, and the size may not have been changed in the process. We highly advise customers not pre-order custom framing materials until they receive their purchases. Alternatively, we are happy to measure them for you ask for that info via email before placing an order.

How can I find out when a new print will be available in the web store?
Subscribe to the Zen Mystic email list to get updates, special offers and notifications of releases. As soon as we know details on new print releases, we'll post that info to our blog page and on all 3 of our Facebook pages. We also have a mailing list where the info will be sent out in a newsletter. If you do not wish to be on our email list, follow one of our Facebook pages or check our blog. 
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We have stickers and some smaller items on our Etsy store with a more reasonable shipping charge:

Our Etsy page
Our Ebay page

Does Zen Dragon Gallery offer exchanges on print?
Because ephemera is easily damaged, we do not offer exchanges or refunds for returns on prints. Make sure you order the print or variant you want, or if someone is ordering for you, that they are ordering the correct print. 

My order was refunded/partially refunded... why?
Even though we have probably inspected prints multiple times, there has been the occasions where we thought we had a mint print available to fill an order, only to find when we pulled the print, that it was damaged somehow. If the damage is not too bad, we will likely offer to discount the print for that customer, but if it's damaged so that it affects the quality where we do not feel comfortable selling it, we will refund.

We will also refund if there has been limits set on quantity allowed per customer/per order.