We do not have a brick & mortar store. Our fulfillment shop is in our home art studio, and we do not accept visitors in our home.

• Some prints in our store date back to 1997. That's 26 years. Some were printed on our dining room table, some were passed through a press on the old kill floor of a slaughter house as many as 8 different times by Jeff or another Drowning Creek printer, then cut - possibly on a 19th Century paper cutter. Some editions were printed by other printers then cut, packaged & shipped to us. Each print was then handled again while being signed, and yet again while being numbered. Some of them were then shipped to another collaborating artist, where that artist also handled each one of them while signing. Then they were repackaged and shipped one more time back to us. Then they have been moved and counted numerous times in the years since then.


This is why we label our prints, especially the older prints, NEAR MINT and not MINT. There may be the slightest of soft corners or the odd edge nick. However, we are not shipping damaged prints. Damaged prints go into our Scratch & Dent section with a description. 

We've been doing this a looong time. We understand the collector market
. We collect prints, too, so we're aware of all the finer points of why people collect and what they expect. We do our best to exceed expectations, and we've gone to great lengths to try and make sure that our customers are happy with the print(s) they receive.

• Screen prints may have printing anomalies. Screens get clogged or get dust specks on them, and sometimes that shows up on the prints. Every print may not be completely perfect, but that part of the allure of screen printing.

• Ink, fingerprints, etc., on the back of prints is not considered "damage"

We do not buy posters back or give store credit for prints you no longer want to keep. Prints can be resold on Ebay, or any number of internet poster forums.

What do all the abbreviations mean? 
Here is a partial list of abbreviations on our site:
S/N - Signed & Numbered
LE - Limited Edition
A/E - Artist Edition
A/P - Artist Proof
P/P - Printer Proof
S/E - Subscription Edition
UC - Uncut
U/U - Unnumbered/Unsigned
U/S - Unnumbered/Signed
S&D - Scratch & Dent

Handbills are not S/N unless otherwise indicated

Can clothing and blankets be shipped with posters?
Non poster items are shipped separately. 

Will you be adding sold out prints back into the store?
We've added a few of some of our older prints back into inventory.  These are not reprints, but are from the original editions that have been in our personal archive. All available prints are in the store, and once they are gone, there will be no more sold.

Will you be reprinting an edition?
No, we will not be reprinting any of the posters on our site. Once the available editions are gone, they are gone for good. Some of the art from some of the gig posters may show up as art prints, stickers, blotter, blankets or tapestries, but we will not reprint the gig posters themselves.

How accurate are the listings?
There are some mistakes in our product listings, which we are constantly correcting as we find the inaccuracies. If something doesn't look right, drop us an email, and we'll be happy to answer any questions. 

How close to actual size are the dimensions stated in the listings?
Prints sizes are approximate. We highly recommend not pre-ordering framing materials until you have your poster in hand.

How can I find out when a new print will be available in the web store?
Subscribe to the Zen Dragon Gallery Newsletter email list to get drop and sale notices. As soon as we know details for new print releases, we'll also post that info to our blog page & all 3 of our Facebook pages. 

Zen Dragon Blog
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Drowning Creek Studio Facebook page

We should have stickers and some smaller items relisted in our Etsy store soon with a more reasonable shipping charge. 

Our Etsy page

Does Zen Dragon Gallery offer exchanges on print?
Because ephemera is easily damaged, we do not generally offer exchanges or refunds for returns on prints unless we have made a mistake in shipping incorrect items. 

My order was refunded/partially refunded... why?
Even though we have inspected prints multiple times, there have been occasions where we thought we had a mint print available to fill an order only to find when we pulled the print that it was damaged somehow. If the damage is not too bad, we will likely offer to discount the print, but if it's damaged so that it affects the quality where we do not feel comfortable selling it, we will refund.

We will also refund if there has been limits set on quantity allowed per customer/per order and an order exceeds that limit.