Shipping & Returns

Allow 1-3 weeks for package delivery. Shipping after a drop takes longer due to the volume of orders. Orders are shipped in the order they come in. 

New Release shipping schedule:
• Releases are on Fridays
• Shop is closed Saturday & Sunday
• Order sorting starts Monday
• Label printing and packaging starts Tuesday
• Tubes start shipping Wednesday

Orders placed outside of a drop release will be shipped on Monday, Wednesday or Friday depending on when they arrived, and what we have already in the queue.

All clothing and tapestries are custom manufactured when your order is placed. We do not have stock on these items ready to ship. 

We hold orders for 2-3 working days - 
This allows time for address corrections or other changes to be made before we ship 

Labels are created a day or more prior to actual shipping.
Email notices with Delivery Confirmation numbers go out when labels are created. That number will not be active until the package has been scanned at the Post Office. Check your customer account for updates.

We ship in heavyweight Yazoo Mill tubes
, with prints rolled and taped in kraft paper so they will slide out of the tube easily. Be careful that you do not tear your print when you untape the kraft paper. Get help unrolling prints. If you damage your print while you are handling it, we will not replace it for free. Every print is inspected before it is rolled. 

We do not accept returns or issue refunds on posters damaged during or after they have been removed from the tubes. We do not ship torn prints. At least 2 people inspect every single print before they are rolled and shipped. Damaged prints are pulled from stock and put in our Scratch & Dent section, they are not shipped to customers. BE CAREFUL... if you tear the print(s) while removing the tape and Kraft paper, we know what that looks like. We didn't ship it that way.

UNDELIVERABLE PACKAGES: Make sure your shipping address is accurate. Undeliverable shipments returned to us will require a second shipping fee to be paid by the customer to reship. If you do not wish to pay the additional shipping charge to have your order reshipped, you will receive a refund or a store credit for your order less the original shipping charge and a $10 restocking fee.

Tubes stolen from an address after delivery are not covered by insurance!! Insurance only covers prints damaged in shipping.

Save the tube and all of the contents. Send Zen Dragon an email ASAP with pictures of the damage. We may request that you ship the damaged items back to us. If we do, we will send a return label. We cannot guarantee replacement of limited edition prints. 

If you are asked to send a print back to usYou will need to ship the print(s) back in our packaging. Tubes MUST be at least 6" longer than the width of the print, and there MUST be 2.5 to 3" of kraft paper overhanging on either side to protect the edges of the print... even if the print already has some damage.

International shipping: We are still working on getting our international options to work properly for some locations. Please email us if you are trying to olace an order and are having problems with the ship options.

Because we deal in ephemera that is easily damaged, we only offer returns or refunds on shipped items if there is a mistake in fulfillment. That means we will ship a new print only if we mistakenly sent you the wrong print. 

We also do not exchange incorrectly ordered prints. Make SURE you order the print you want, or if someone is ordering for you, that they are ordering the correct print. 

Purchases made through other vendors from links on our site are subject to that vendor's return policy. Be sure to review their policy before making a purchase.