Shipping & Returns


We've been shipping LE prints for 18 years... you can trust us to safely package your prints. Prints are shipped in heavyweight Yazoo Mill tubes, rolled in kraft paper and taped so they will slide out of the tube easily. 

Labels are created a day or more prior to shipping. Email notices containing the Delivery Confirmation number go out when the label is created. That number will not be active until the package has been scanned at the Post Office. Please wait a few days before emailing us about this. 

Please allow 1-4 weeks for delivery. Shipping after a "drop" takes longer due to the volume of orders. Orders are shipped in the order they come in.  

Some stock is stored in another location - the Athens fulfillment office is not large enough to contain our entire backstock. Many prints are a 25 minute drive away at the old studio. We try to pick up order items as quickly as we can, but it can take a week or more if we're busy. Please be aware of this when you place your order.

If you do not wish to pay the additional shipping charge to have your order reshipped, you will receive a store credit for your order less the original shipping charge and a $10 restocking fee.

Make sure your shipping address is accurate. Undeliverable shipments will require a second shipping fee from the customer to be reshipped. This also applies if the tube is not picked up from the Post Office before it is returned to the studio. 

Tubes stolen from an address after delivery are not covered by insurance!!

International shipping: We are still working on getting our international options to work properly for some locations. Please email us if you are trying to olace an order and are having problems with the ship options.

Combing multiple orders - We're often able to combine orders, but it's not a given. There is a $5 handling charge to combine orders.

Orders over $400 or with more than 3 prints may need to be split into 2 or more shipments.

If your print arrives with shipping damage - Save the tube and all of the contents. Send Zen Dragon an email ASAP with GOOD pictures of the damage. We may request you ship the damaged items back to us. If we do this, we will send a return label. We cannot guarantee limited edition prints can be replaced. 

We only offer returns if there is a mistake in fulfillment or if we miss a major flaw on a print. Occasionally an imperfect print makes it into the final edition. We try to catch these in the sorting process, but some of the paper substrates make it difficult to see. If one slips through, we will make good on it.

Get help unrolling large and uncut prints. If you damage your print while you are handling it after it has been removed from the tube, we will not replace it. 

Requests for returns will be handled on an individual basis. 

Purchases made through other vendors from links on our site are subject to that vendor's return policy. Be sure to review their policy before making a purchase.