About The Gallery

Jeff Wood and Judy Gex started Drowning Creek Studio in 1998 and operated under that name until 2010. Jeff is a screen print artist and painter, while Judy is a mixed media artist, potter and yoga instructor. Both have walked the artist's path their entire lives. The studio was formed as a joint effort to pursue their life's work.  Multitudes of limited edition screen printed rock posters and art prints were produced as Drowning Creek Studio, and included many collaborative works with other artists, as well as publishing and printing for other clients. 

Drowning Creek dissolved in 2010 into two separate studios, Zen Mystic Studio (Jeff) and Moon Dragon Studio (Judy), a new gallery to serve as an online retail location became necessary. It was decided to use the names of the individual studios to create the gallery name from which the art from both studios would be sold. Zen Dragon Gallery is that entity.

Judy is the sales manager for Zen Dragon and former sales manager of Drowning Creek Studio. Questions may be directed to her or gallery assistant Andrea Holt via the online contact form.

Jeff can usually be found locked away in his studio ignoring the world while chasing the visions in his head. He can be reached at zenmystic@me.com.

The Zen Dragon site is fairly extensive, housing all of the prints produced or published by our studios since 1997. Both available and sold out items have been included so the site can also be used as a reference.

We invite you to check out some of the past work, along with the new, that has gone through our doors the last 2 decades. Contact us if you have questions. Meanwhile.... enjoy your visit!