by Judy Gex July 02, 2021

Hey again, y'all... so, I started answering emails about the drop, but realized there were dozens of them. Sorry, but I don't have time right now to answer all of those emails.... I have to draft the release newsletter and I'd like to go to bed before 11pm this evening. ;)
Here's how a drop works at Zen Dragon Gallery:
1) You will need to set up an account. It's required. I suggest you do that previous to the drop time, so you won't be fumbling around with that and the posters sell out before you get your confirmation email.
PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE... when you set up your account, doublecheck your email & physical address for accuracy. I received a few more invalid email addresses over the night.... I cannot stress this enough.... I have to keep up with thousands of customer accounts, you guys and gals only have to keep up with one. Please help make my job a little easier, so if I need to contact you for any reason, I have a valid email addy.
2) I will send an email tonight with all of the info you will need which is basically be there tomorrow (Friday) @ 3pm ET logged in and ready. Don't waste time trying to apply the 10% discount to your order unless you're ordering older prints as well... the discount doesn't work on new releases.
3) The prints will be in one listing with a drop down menu for each print variant. They will automatically go online at 3pm ET. The new releases show on ZDG's home page, so you won't have to dig for the listing.
4) if you're considering buying any other items in our store, I heartily suggest you have your account open, and the other items in your cart already when the drop goes live.
5) I'm not a psychic, but there is a strong chance that these may sell out fairly quickly based on the number of emails and messages I've received.
6) After you place your order, be patient. Email me if you need something, but if you're just asking when your order is shipping, I'm not going to be able to answer that for you.
I will start sending out the first tubes on Wednesday. Monday is prep & order printing day. As soon as I finish that, I will start packing. I like to send out large batches at a time, so it cuts down on my trips out. If I pack all day Tuesday, I should be able to send a bunch out pretty quickly.
I'm also doing this by myself, & I don't want to rush & make mistakes while packing.
How quickly they ship will depend on the total number of orders. I would like to have all shipped by the end of next week, but I'm not going to promise that.
You can tell if your order has shipped by logging into your account. When I create your label, it will mark your order as fulfilled and you should have a USPS tracking number. That number will not be active until your tube has been accepted at the Post Office.
Emails also go out to each customer with that info, but a lot of these emails end up in spam folders. We don't know why and nothing we've tried has fixed that. White listing our email address on your end might help. Google that for instructions.

OK, folks... it's drop day. I've had some emails requesting international shipping.... I don't have time to figure out the international shipping for cost accuracy today, but I'll hold a few back so I can make arrangements for the few folks who are interested. If this applies to you, you will have to wait until after the drop for mer to handle that. Sorry, we planned on having the shipping fixed by now, but you know... life.
Also a note for anyone who does not know this yet, when we do a drop, we do not put the entire edition in the store. I pull $1-4 for our permanent archive, a few to put in Jeff's vending portfolio, some to have on hand to replace any that might be damaged in shipping, sooooo... even though the editions on these are SN/115 & SN/84, there will be 90 & 70 or less respectively in the actual drop. I know I don't have to share this, but I'm all for transparency if it means I don't have to explain it later if I put any remaining prints in the store at a later date.
WE SHIP THROUGH THE USPS. Make sure that your delivery location is a secure one. If you're really worried about it being left on your porch, go to your Post Office and tell them you would like them to hold packages for you to pick up. We do not replace prints that were ruined by rain or that were stolen after delivery.
Shipping has been spotty in the last 9 months, and some tubes have taken a much longer time to arrive than they should have. Again, be patient. So far, we have not had any tubes go missing completely :::knocksonwood:::

If I think of anything else, I'll add it to this post.
If anyone has a question about something I didn't cover in any of the posts, email me through the web site, please.

Judy Gex
Judy Gex


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