We're Getting Close....

by Judy Gex October 01, 2021

... to reopening the store. For the next couple of days, Judy will be working with products that have no inventory in them to test all the new navigation updates to make sure they work properly before we go live again.

The first products to be listed for sale will be non poster items. We're still looking for a shipping solution that will add adjusted shipping on orders for multiple items that cannot be packed in a tube, so in an effort to lessen that pickle, we'll be putting up the odds and ends that will need to be shipped in boxes of tyvek bags first to clear out some of that before we add the posters again.

A lot of the work that Judy has been doing on the store will not be apparent on the front end, but the navigation should be a little smoother, and there's been quite a few corrections to the listings that should help searches for specific items.

Much of the pricing has remained the same, but yes, some prices went up, but a whole lot of other prices actually were lowered while we reviewed the listings. 

We're not liquidating, but we are putting pretty much whatever we have left in back inventory into the store because we need the space more than we need to hold onto it. 

We'll post updates regularly here... bear in mind that this officially starts our Christmas sale season, and because the USPS is taking longer to deliver, we urge any gift orders be placed before the end of November once we get the products relisted.

Look for some special sales, and definitely check the Scratch & Dent section after the prints are back up.

That's all for now... we'll post another update over the weekend!

Judy Gex
Judy Gex


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