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by Judy Gex August 20, 2015

Alrighty, here's the deets on the ARU & SCI poster editions. I will put them up in the store at 3pm EST on Friday, August 21. Please read the listings for any quantity limits. I'll post a reminder Friday morning to the Zen Dragon Gallery Facebook page. Shipping will begin the following Monday.


• Gold Ice - Same paper as the show edition, but marked A/E for Artist Edition, xx/50 LIMIT ONE PER PERSON
• Gold Foil - Shiny gold foil paper. Signed & numbered xx/100 LIMIT ONE PER PERSON

• Red Ice - Same paper as the show edition, but marked A/E for Artist Edition. xx/75
• Red Foil - Shiny red foil paper. Signed & numbered xx/125 


I'm getting a lot of emails asking about the WSP Red Rocks print by Stanley Mouse and Jeff Wood. Stanley was out of town part of the summer and unavailable to sign them. They have been shipped to him, but we do not know exactly when they will get back. Hate to push the drop date out so far from the actual event, but I promise y'all, the gold foils will be worth the wait. I will pass on info as soon as I know anything.

Every release I get several special requests, address changes, requests for tracking numbers and other misc. inquiries. Correct shipping & email addresses are really important. Even if you write after an order is placed to change your address, there is a chance it won't get changed. Please, take the time to check your email and shipping info in advance of placing an order. If you are moving, fill out a change of address form with the post office so they will forward your mail. 

In an effort to speed up shipping, I often print labels a day or two in advance of actual shipping. When you receive your label info in an email, it's going to be a couple of days before the shipping info will show up if you click on the Delivery Confirmation number and try to track it. Please wait a few days before writing me to tell me your package is lost.

Judy Gex
Judy Gex


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