Orders Are Coming!!!

Posted on November 27, 2018 by Judy Gex

OK, gang, we got a little sidetracked with holidaze and some other (important) distractions, but Judy has made another trip to the old studio, and returned with another load of archive goodies along with the items needed to pack orders that have not shipped yet. 

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Studio News June 4th.... Puzzles, Pins and Tables, Oh My!

Posted on June 04, 2015 by Judy Gex

June just snuck on in.... and it's time for a Zen Dragon Gallery update. 

This month is going to be a month of odds & ends.... first, let me briefly update the pending order info.

I tried to print labels in Commerce yesterday, but the internet just would not cooperate. I decided to finish up the new studio fulfillment table today, so I could bring stuff down to Athens to be packaged & shipped. There's a few outstanding orders that came in before the last drop, and those will ship first once I have this completed.

Universal Shaman blankets are ordered and will ship as soon as they arrive here.

We currently do not have a major drop scheduled for June, so I am going to work on clearing out the odds & ends at the studio. I've got puzzles, pins, t-shirts, blotter art and I'm not sure what else to put up this month. I don't know dates for when each will go up, so I'll just have to send out a notice a day or so ahead of time. I'll be adding a lot of Scratch & Dent items as well as running some auctions. you can also check in here or on the Zen Dragon Gallery Facebook page for the updates. Be sure to read descriptions on the Scratch & Dent items well. Most of them are in Near Mint condition, but some are more damaged than others.

Start looking for labels to be created soon. Remember that packages ship one to 2 days after labels are created and the tracking number won't work until actual shipping. Also, I've been getting packages returned to me more often here lately. Please remember that I will have to charge you an additional fee to reship. Let's try not to give the Post Office more than one chance to crush your tubes, eh? 

That's all for now...

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Zen Dragon Shipping and Misc Update 1/13/15

Posted on January 13, 2015 by Judy Gex

Good morning!

I've sent out more invites to change the WSP NYE AE to a WSP NYE Velvet Foil. I don't know if there will be more until I hear back from folks on the emails already sent. Please get back to me asap on those. If any are unanswered by tomorrow, I will put them back in the stack and pick another.

We've started shipping.... it's going to take a few days to get this many tubes packaged. I'm already getting emails asking for status of an order. I answered a few this morning because I am trying to finish up the paperwork and print labels, but further emails asking that might not get answered. Check your account on Zen Dragon. Look at your order. If it says "Unfulfilled," that means it hasn't been packed for shipping yet.

NOTE: I posted about this on the WSP Coloween print, but it bears repeating.... BE CAREFUL with your Velvet edition print. The paper has a soft tooth and will pick up the oils from your skin if you aren't careful about handling it. Luckily, this is usually easy to fix by using a smoothe, dry piece of cloth... like a soft t-shirt. 

I will be printing labels today for tubes to be packed tomorrow. Some may ship tomorrow, some on Thursday. Please be patient.... we're gonna get as many as humanly possible shipped out this week!

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