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Posted on May 06, 2017 by Judy Gex

Col. Bruce Hampton 70 Poster Jeff Wood Fox Theatre Atlanta

OK, we're ready to go ahead and announce the drop date for the Hampton 70 show prints. As per our usual, we will add the available prints to the Zen Dragon Gallery online store Thursday, May 11 at 3pm EDT. Shipping will start the next week.

There are 2 editions... a SN/115 Artist Edition on Cougar White same as the show edition and a SN/110 piece edition on Lava Foil.

This poster was a pet project for Jeff because of who and what the event was for. The proceeds for the Hampton 70 show was a charity event that benefitted the Fox Theatre Institute and other musician-focused charities. The art and the time creating it were donated to the event.

We had decided before the show that we would take a part of the proceeds of our sales and donate it somehow as well, but we didn't know exactly what we would donate to. In light of the events, we are going to donate that to the Colonel's wife.

The entire editions will not be in the store... we have a few people we need to send prints to as thank you's from the studio and we'll keep some for our archive. Because of the number of people who have written and the limited numbers, we're going to ask that purchases be limited to ONE print, not one of each.... but one print in an effort to make sure more people have a chance to get one.

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We've Entered BAT COUNTRY!!!!

Posted on October 28, 2015 by Judy Gex

The long-awaited pre-sale for the Hunter S. Thompson Bat Country art print is finally here! We're doing a pre-sale for FIVE DAYS - this means that the size of the print run will be partially decided on orders taken and that the print will not ship until the 1st week of December. We also will not be limiting quantity purchased.

Jeff is pulling out all of the stops and making this a 10 color print. The digital representation does not show all of the ink mastery that will be the final print.

This listing will be live for FIVE DAYS. The option to purchase will be removed Monday, November 2 at 5pm.

The Tedeschi Trucks Band Beacon Theatre is now live in the web store as well. This print just screams "Black Tie Affair!" There was not a big overrun for an artist edition. 50pc SN AE, only 35 available on the web site. Get it now or be sorry later!


After the last 2 blankets took longer than expected to arrive so they could be shipped, we decided to pre-order a small number of the Om Mandala blanketsso they could ship immediately after orders were placed. These are in-store and ready to ship!! They look even better than the last 2, if that's possible! Shipping is included in the price of the blanket. Made in the USA.

After The Faded Line closed, our friends there were kind enough to send us the back stock that was left over. These will not be reprinted. There are just a few designs and there are limited size options for all of these. Shipping is included in the price, and they will ship separate from posters. Tanks and T-shirts are listed under Shirts under the Accessories drop down menu.

We've been pretty quiet this past month because we've been doing a little regrouping. Jeff is moving his design studio to Athens and it's finally cool enough to spend time going through the flat files. I couldn't get to inventorying the archived prints until Jeff moved because, well, the flat files are next to where his desk was and I'm noisy. I'm almost half through inventorying and making sure I have the listings in the store. Here's how it's going to work:

I'm going to put archive prints that we are pulling only into the listings that are "sold out." They will be clearly marked as ARCHIVE COPIES. Some of the prints will be put in auction only. The prices will range wildly depending on the print and demand for said print. 

I'll add as many as I can by the end of November so they will be able to be shipped in time for Christmas. There will be an announcement when the first group are added to the store. The quantities will be VERY LIMITED and will range from 3 to 6 copies. and then there will be none. 

In addition to the prints from the ARCHIVE being added to the web store, there will be at least 2 rounds of auctions in November of items that are sold out in the store. There will be a smattering of several sought-after pieces, so keep an eye out for the announcement when they go live.

Please be aware that the last day of shipping for Christmas by Priority Mail through the USPS is December 21. Due to this and to the Bat Country print being shipped at the first part of December as well, I am making December 11 the cut off date for orders guaranteed to go out in time for Christmas gifts. Anything that comes in later than that, I will certainly attempt to get out by the 21st, but I won't guarantee it. Thanks!!!

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