Posted on July 07, 2016 by Judy Gex

Hey, y'all... Hope you're staying cool and hydrated...

We're adding the Widespread Panic Bend, OR prints to the store today.... I know there are shows this weekend, so I'm going to add at 3pm EST Thursday, July 7. There are FOUR different variants. Edition sizes are as listed....

SN AE/69 printed on the same French Kraft paper as the show edition 
SN xx/15 printed on Gold Ice
SN xx/20 printed on Silver Foil
SN xx/31 printed on Silver Lava

SN means all are numbered editions signed by Jeff Wood

The edition sizes do not reflect the actual number of prints that will be in the store on the release. We archive a few of each edition to our personal collection, but I also hold a couple of each for donations to charity auctions and a couple in case a tube gets damaged in shipping in the initial release. So, for example on the Gold Ice edition of 15, at most there will be 10 in the store on the release. Any extras left after tubes have been safely delivered, will be added to the store later. I already know one of the Silver Foil is going to be a S&D... there may be a smattering of others as I go through them with a fine tooth comb. There will be a separate listing for each variant. Please stick to a one print per variant per order on the Gold, Silver Foil & Lava. Multiples of the AE on Kraft paper are fine.

Prints will start shipping next Monday and most orders should be shipped out by the end of the week. Tubes will be here tomorrow.

When we did the drop on the Chicago Panic prints, we neglected to put the AE of the show edition on the Cougar white paper uncut into the store. Yeah, I know... but things get buried here in print stacks and sometimes stuff gets overlooked. AE/40 edition, with less than half going in the store. Others will be kept for charity.

We've been holding these for some time now.... There's right around xx/50 on White Ice paper and xx/45 on silver foil. I will put 15 of each in the store. Pricing will be slightly higher than the prints on Cougar Brite White available in the Tarotpin.com store.

I'm adding some other prints to the store tomorrow including a very few Panic NYE 2014 Sparkles, possibly a 2012 & 2013 Wakarusa Sparkle, a couple of Silver Foil Mouse/Wood RR 2015, and a few other goodies from the archives. I've been adding one or 2 here and there as Easter Eggs, but I'm going to put the ones I list tomorrow in the New Releases section. If I have time, I will also add as many of the S&D prints that are waiting to be added. I'm getting very close to the absolute end of some of these prints, so if you see something on your ISO, grab it when you see it.

Just a note on the Dead & Co print... I have it on good authority that this will be the last official Dead print Jeff will do. I just put the remaining 4 Silver Foil variants in the store. If you have been thinking about pulling the trigger, now may be better than later!

When you create an account in our web store, please take an extra few minutes to double check your mailing and email addresses. Both are extremely important for us to be able to flawlessly get your prints to you and to maintain important communications. As a back up, please include your phone number so if the email address does happen to be wrong, we can text you. Thanks!!


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