We Understand.....

by Judy Gex May 11, 2017

...that many of you are very disappointed that you missed the Hampton 70 prints today. The foils sold in less than 2 minutes. Those of you who are not used to buying prints on a drop, we know it does suck when one is in your cart and then goes missing. None of the artist's cart software programs allow you to keep a print indefinitely while you are checking out. You have our heartfelt apologies, but this is how it works. 

There was just way more demand for this than there were prints. We had no way of seeing the future to know that we should maybe have printed a few more. Due to the nature of limited editions, we can't just run off or print a few more to cover everyone. 

Thank you for trying... and so very sorry if you missed it.

Judy Gex
Judy Gex


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