That's a Lot of Scratch & Dent....

Posted on March 30, 2016 by Judy Gex

So, I already explained that we lost a certain number of the silver Athens Panic prints due to a near-miss car accident. What I didn't tell you is that the en la Playa prints were in the car, too.... though the elP prints sustained less annihilation, we ended up with a bunch of gold foils that had bent corners or some superficial surface scratching. We also noticed that there were some with vertical lines that look like they might be marks made by the squeegee in printing. Soooooo... long story short, we pulled and sold the mint prints and then sorted through the rest while we tried to decide what to do with them.

I'm putting some in the store as Scratch & Dent items at half the cost. Some of them are really close to mint and I'll send out the best ones first with any orders. There may be a few that are more heavily damaged that I'll pull and decide what to do with later. There are 2 that have identical round damaged areas in the print that I put up for cheap. There's still 5 mint copies that I've added back, too.

Anyway, that's the dealio with them being put back in the store in anyone wonders.

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Posted on February 25, 2016 by Judy Gex

Good day, people!
We're ready to get back on track after a month of delirium...
The following prints will be added in part to the web store this Friday, February 26nd, at 3pm EST. There will be another smaller number added on Saturday, February 27 at 2pm EST and a few more added Sunday, February 28 at 6PM EST. Please read the edition/paper info carefully. There will be 2 different options for each of the prints being released. I'm giving you the titles of the listings this time, so there will be no confusion about which is which in the heat of the drop.

There are TWO different editions, both uncuts, as follows:
1) Printed on Curious Cosmic Gold paper just like the show edition. These will be marked A/E xx/70, priced at $125. LIMIT ONE PER PERSON, listing will be titled "2016 Widespread Panic en la Playa Cinco A/E Uncut"
2) Printed on Shiny Gold (just like the 2015 Red Rocks variant w/Mouse). These will be SN xx/100, priced at $150. LIMIT ONE PER PERSON, listing will be titled "2016 Widespread Panic en la Playa Cinco Gold Variant Uncut"
Both will be listed in the New Releases, Widespread Panic and the 2016 print categories.

There are TWO different editions, both uncuts, as follows:
1) Printed on white paper just like the show edition. These will be marked A/E xx/150, priced at $125. LIMIT ONE PER PERSON, listing will be titled "2016 Widespread Panic Classic Center Athens A/E Uncut WHITE PAPER
2) Printed on Shiny Silver (just like the 2015 Summer Tour variant). These will be marked A/E xx/70, priced at $150. LIMIT ONE PER PERSON, listing will be titled "2016 Widespread Panic Classic Center Athens A/E Uncut Silver Variant"
Both will be listed in the New Releases, Widespread Panic and the 2016 print categories.

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Friday, June 12 Store Adds

Posted on June 11, 2015 by Jeff Wood

We'll be adding a few odds & ends to the store this week.... here's a sampling:

There will be 6 different designs of blotter art available in the store starting at 1pm on Friday, June 12, including the A.T. Furthur, Witchy Woman, Guitar Star, Om Mandala, Zen Dragon Buddha and an Owsley Stanley design. Prices will be $20-30. All but the Owsley design will be signed by Jeff. These are not limited editions, nor are they priced as such. All signed blotter will be $25 except for the Witchy Woman, and that will be priced out at $30.

There will also be a listing for the Om Mandala puzzles. They are 513 pieces, 15" x 22" and come in the cool little metal lunch boxes. There are only 24 available and shipping is included in the price. That allows for them to be ordered in the same order as prints or blotter, since they will have to ship separately from both. There are no plans to reproduce this item, so this is the last time they will be available. 

We will start auctions next week. We've got some oldie goldies that we pulled up from the archives to auction... some Panic prints and some other items that are hard to find. I'll post another blog right before I put those up. Auctions will last 7 days, so there should be enough time for everyone to see them.

That's it for now. Cheers and beers!

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May News and Updates

Posted on May 07, 2015 by Judy Gex

Greetings y'all,

Quick update on the next couple of weeks.... we have some auctions that are beginning today. Not many, but a few choice prints. Our user name on Ebay is zendragongallery. Please read our Terms of Service, especially if you bid on more than one item and want to combine shipping.

There will be some new listings added to the web store tomorrow, May 8th at 3pm EST. No previously unreleased prints, but prints that were previously in the store. There will be some Panic Broomfield and NYE prints available. They will not be at the same price they were at the time of the release, but will be priced slightly under Ebay averages. Some other older posters will also be added. They should all show up under the "New Releases" link. 

I will make an announcement as soon as we're ready to add the PelP Quatro to the store.

Judy Gex

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April Update: Store Adds and Auctions!

Posted on April 09, 2015 by Judy Gex

UPDATE 4/10/15 1pm - We were having issues with our mailing list today and I finally managed to get an email to send. There is a bunch of OLD release info on the bottom of that email. The ONLY items that will be in the New Releases section for this drop is the Gold & Silver WSP LA Woman uncuts. There is a separate listing for each. Everything below "You will be required to set up a user account. You may do this beforehand" was supposed to be deleted. 

We've got an exciting month happening! Here's the skinny....
There will be poster additions/releases each of the remaining Fridays in April at 3pm EST as follows:

April 10 - Widespread Panic La Uncut Artist Edition 22x 30" on gold paper same as the show edition & a 22x 30" Silver Foil Edition. Jeff also printed 2 variants of just 10 pieces each on bronze and copper paper (also 22x 30") left over from other print runs. In the interest of getting this post up asap, I will list edition info after I have verified the numbers today.

UPDATE FOR EDITION SIZES: The Gold AE edition will be 100 pieces, of which, there will be 75-80 available in the drop. The Silver Sparkle edition will be 70 pieces, of which there will be 50 available. There will be auctions set up for both editions and for the Copper and Bronze variants. Only 6 of each of the Copper & Bronze will be sold in auction only. 

April 17 - Trucks Tedeschi Spring Tour AE poster (crossed guitars) and some older items from earlier years. The TTB will be an AE/115 sized edition. The older items will be the continued add of the older prints back into the store.

April 24 - Widespread Panic en la Playa Quatro AE - will add edition info to this soon

AUCTIONS - Also this month, we will be listing some auctions for odds and ends that really don't merit a store listing as they are either OOAK or very limited in quantity. Auctions will go up on Wednesday, April 15 and will run for 7 days giving everyone a chance to know they're up and time to mull over a bid. Please read the individual listings for the details... there may be some damaged prints going up along with the mint/near mint. We won't take returns because the listing wasn't read carefully. We will combine auctions if more than one is won by someone and partially refund any extra shipping.

UPDATE AUCTION INFO: There will be some Scratch & Dent WSP NYE, and a couple of other WSP prints that are damaged... some heavily.... in the auctions. There will be a couple of mint as well for WSP and 311. The damaged prints are NOT the last in those editions to be sold in auction, so bear that in mind. 

A note about shipping: There is a $5 charge to combine orders. We are already lacking in space here and we really do not have a space to "hold" orders right now. I will combine orders where I can, but I don't guarantee it. 

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Zen Dragon Shipping and Misc Update 1/13/15

Posted on January 13, 2015 by Judy Gex

Good morning!

I've sent out more invites to change the WSP NYE AE to a WSP NYE Velvet Foil. I don't know if there will be more until I hear back from folks on the emails already sent. Please get back to me asap on those. If any are unanswered by tomorrow, I will put them back in the stack and pick another.

We've started shipping.... it's going to take a few days to get this many tubes packaged. I'm already getting emails asking for status of an order. I answered a few this morning because I am trying to finish up the paperwork and print labels, but further emails asking that might not get answered. Check your account on Zen Dragon. Look at your order. If it says "Unfulfilled," that means it hasn't been packed for shipping yet.

NOTE: I posted about this on the WSP Coloween print, but it bears repeating.... BE CAREFUL with your Velvet edition print. The paper has a soft tooth and will pick up the oils from your skin if you aren't careful about handling it. Luckily, this is usually easy to fix by using a smoothe, dry piece of cloth... like a soft t-shirt. 

I will be printing labels today for tubes to be packed tomorrow. Some may ship tomorrow, some on Thursday. Please be patient.... we're gonna get as many as humanly possible shipped out this week!

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Update on the January 5 Poster Drop

Posted on January 08, 2015 by Judy Gex

Good morning!

I have been mostly addressing this on social media, and most of you probably already know most of the details, but I need to post this "officially" here, too.

On Monday, I mixed up edition inventory on the Panic NYE AE & Foil editions resulting in an oversell on the AEs. It's taken me a little sorting and assessing, but the solution I decided upon was to randomly pull invoices from the stack of AE orders and offer those people an upgrade to the Foil edition. In most cases, that would mean an additional payment of $10 to change from the AE to the Foil, so the offer is not mandatory. If you get an email offering the upgrade, you're under no obligation to do it. Just let me know either way. I will keep sending the offer until I have reached the number I need to fulfill all of the orders we took on Monday. Just to clarify, if you "upgrade" to the Foil, that means you are only going to get the Foil and not an AE print.

I've been also addressing other "issues" that people have pointed out. One of those issues is people thinking there is something wrong with the store software because they are getting an "inventory error" message of some sort when they attempt to check out resulting in them "losing" the item(s) they had in their cart. This is not a malfunction of the store software. This happens because there are more people than there are posters. The inventory controls on the store shut the item down as soon as the allotted number of that item has gone through a completed check out. 

This was a big drop... I have a ton of orders to package and ship. If you go to our web site and look at your order, if it still says "unfulfilled," then I have not packed it yet. You'll get an email when I mark it "Fulfilled" and when your label is created for shipping. 

Thanks for being patient with me while I sorted this out!

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