April Update: Store Adds and Auctions!

by Judy Gex April 09, 2015

UPDATE 4/10/15 1pm - We were having issues with our mailing list today and I finally managed to get an email to send. There is a bunch of OLD release info on the bottom of that email. The ONLY items that will be in the New Releases section for this drop is the Gold & Silver WSP LA Woman uncuts. There is a separate listing for each. Everything below "You will be required to set up a user account. You may do this beforehand" was supposed to be deleted. 

We've got an exciting month happening! Here's the skinny....
There will be poster additions/releases each of the remaining Fridays in April at 3pm EST as follows:

April 10 - Widespread Panic La Uncut Artist Edition 22x 30" on gold paper same as the show edition & a 22x 30" Silver Foil Edition. Jeff also printed 2 variants of just 10 pieces each on bronze and copper paper (also 22x 30") left over from other print runs. In the interest of getting this post up asap, I will list edition info after I have verified the numbers today.

UPDATE FOR EDITION SIZES: The Gold AE edition will be 100 pieces, of which, there will be 75-80 available in the drop. The Silver Sparkle edition will be 70 pieces, of which there will be 50 available. There will be auctions set up for both editions and for the Copper and Bronze variants. Only 6 of each of the Copper & Bronze will be sold in auction only. 

April 17 - Trucks Tedeschi Spring Tour AE poster (crossed guitars) and some older items from earlier years. The TTB will be an AE/115 sized edition. The older items will be the continued add of the older prints back into the store.

April 24 - Widespread Panic en la Playa Quatro AE - will add edition info to this soon

AUCTIONS - Also this month, we will be listing some auctions for odds and ends that really don't merit a store listing as they are either OOAK or very limited in quantity. Auctions will go up on Wednesday, April 15 and will run for 7 days giving everyone a chance to know they're up and time to mull over a bid. Please read the individual listings for the details... there may be some damaged prints going up along with the mint/near mint. We won't take returns because the listing wasn't read carefully. We will combine auctions if more than one is won by someone and partially refund any extra shipping.

UPDATE AUCTION INFO: There will be some Scratch & Dent WSP NYE, and a couple of other WSP prints that are damaged... some heavily.... in the auctions. There will be a couple of mint as well for WSP and 311. The damaged prints are NOT the last in those editions to be sold in auction, so bear that in mind. 

A note about shipping: There is a $5 charge to combine orders. We are already lacking in space here and we really do not have a space to "hold" orders right now. I will combine orders where I can, but I don't guarantee it. 

Judy Gex
Judy Gex


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