Hampton70, Bar Signs, ZDG Moving.....

by Andrea Holt May 31, 2017

Hey everyone....

May was a busy month and June is looking to be just as crazy. Here's what's happening at Zen Dragon....

Andrea has been a godsend... I would have never made it through May without her, but May also made us painfully aware that the tiny space we were in was just not big enough for 2 people and all of the stock and tubes we need to store. 

We're in a warehouse that has small suites like ours on one side and slightly bigger suites across the hall. The super awesome dude across the hall is moving out, and we're going to take that space. That means tomorrow and the next few days will involve constructing new shelves and moving everything from one space to the other. 

In addition to moving, it also became painfully apparent this last month that my way of handling lists, memos and other such needed some real updating for efficiency. I don't know how y'all spent your long weekend, but I spent mine working on setting up an inter-office system to streamline our operation so we can get orders out, reply and correct other issues faster. 

I know this is a lot to read, and probably, most people won't see it, but.... for those of you who do, thank you for your patience while we reorganize and make Zen Dragon better than ever. 

RE: Existing Orders - We've printed all the orders and are in the process of correcting addresses, combining where possible and notifying anyone whose order needs attention. Please be patient on pre-orders as we will not have either the bar signs or the Hampton70 prints until the 3rd week of June. Labels will be printed days in advance of shipping. Please wait until your label is scanned at the Post Office before writing us. 

Also, anyone who I am in contact with on the Hampton70 Foils and AEs, I have completed my preliminary list and will be contacting you in the next couple of days.

Thanks... y'all have been pretty super this month. The #JeffWoodLove stuff healed all the wounds from the crappy stuff we had to handle. If y'all will save your framed art pics, we're going to try and set up a Collector's Gallery on the web site after we get moved.

Love and Rockets,
The Poster Mistress and her Social Media Ninja
(Judy & Andrea)

Andrea Holt
Andrea Holt


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