Hampton 70 Commemorative Print

by Judy Gex May 21, 2017

After the release of the Hampton 70 prints, it became very apparent to us that a large number of people who were at the event or connected to Col. Bruce in some way, were unable to get a print at the show or on our drop. Emotions ran high and we had to field a lot of angry emails and messages. To make matters worse, people who aren't in tune with the collector market, couldn't understand how they were already being sold for hundreds more on eBay less than a day after our sale by people who seemingly have no connection to our scene or family.

It all happened faster than we could work out a way to alleviate the demand. As with other projects, we cannot always be transparent with intentions because sometimes we don't get approvals or projects fall through. This was the case when I made the announcement about pulling prints off eBay. We were already trying to work out details to print a commemorative run of the poster to accomodate everyone who was shut out on the drop, but we could not share that until we had the approval of other parties. We have that approval now.

We ordinarily do not reprint any of our runs unless it's a tour print that sells through before a tour is complete, but the circumstances here are... well, unique, so.... we are going to do a commemorative run oof the Hampton 70 poster. The edition size will be determined by the presale which will start tomorrow, Monday, May 22 at 3pm EDT.


We realize a 2nd run may make some people unhappy, but this is for 1) the friends, fans and family who missed out on getting a print and 2) as a fundraiser to benefit the Colonel's widow.

We do not believe this run will devalue the original printing as it will be printed on different paper. In this case, it is infinitely more important to us that the people who want this print for all of the right reasons, have a chance to get one.

As I state above, there is also another good reason for this reprint. As with the posters we have already sold, a significant portion of the sales on this drop will go to a benefit for Sarah, Col. Bruce's widow. 

These will NOT ship until sometime in June. They are not printed yet, and we do not have a definite date for shipping. Please be aware of this before you place an order. Updates on when they will be shipped will be posted here on our blog and on our various Facebook pages. 

The prints will be the same except they will be printed on a pearlescent paper. The price will be $85 + $15 shipping. Edition size will be determined by the number of pre-orders we receive. This presale is going to be active until Thursday, May 25 at noon. There will be no quantity limits imposed due to this being a presale.

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Judy Gex
Judy Gex


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