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Coming Up This Month.....

by Judy Gex November 05, 2018

The Zen Dragon Elves are working up some special sales events this month. Most notably, we'll be doing a big store-wide sale for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, but we've got a few surprises coming, too. 

While I've been going through the store listings and doing inventory, I've also been adjusting some prices on older items... a very few went up, but quite a few more went down slightly. I'm also working on a fairly large stack of Scratch & Dent items that we pulled while we were doing the inventory, so a lot of that will be going into the store over the next couple of weeks.

Keep an eye out for announcements. We will be also adding some rare items from the archive into the store this month and in December!!

Judy Gex
Judy Gex


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