All About the Archive

by Andrea Holt November 15, 2018

It's finally happening, y'all.

For the last several years, I've talked about going into the "archive" that Jeff and I set up to pull some of the older prints from sold out editions to sell. Of course, nothing ever goes as planned, and Life kept interrupting... but, I've begun the begin.

Here's answers to some questions I anticipate:

Q. What is this "archive"?

A. In 2002, we started pulling 10 of every print we produced, published, and/or printed, as a retirement stash. It seemed prudent at the time, but we had no idea how much room it would consume!

Q. Why are you pulling them out now? You're not retired.

A. Well, no, and we probably never will be retired like normal people, but we do have remodeling projects that need to be done, and we've run out of storage space. We're still going to keep 4 of every print.

Q. How do we know where to find them in the store?

A. I'm currently working on adding them to their own special section titled, Archive. There is a link on the lefthand menu on most of the main pages. They also be found by typing "archive" into the search engine.

Q. How many will be available? 

A. We've already pulled a few prints from some of the sets, so there could be as few as 1 or as many as 6 that will be made available over the next few months. I'm not putting all of them in the store at one time, so more people will have a chance to know that we're doing this if they are looking for a specific print.

Q. How will these be priced?

A. The prints from the archive will be priced higher than the last prints of that edition. That's a little ambiguous by design... pricing could be slightly more, or a lot more than the price at which the editions were originally sold. Yes, we know this will price some folks out on some prints, but that's how we're doing it. 

If we have several, the first one listed will be the pricing starting point. Prints added after that, will go up slightly until the last one is gone.

These are the last of the last.... the last chance to purchase these prints direct from our studio. It's all after market once these are gone. 

I'll add more FAQ as they come up. 

Andrea Holt
Andrea Holt


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