About Scratch & Dent Prints & Older Drowning Creek Prints

by Judy Gex January 28, 2016

I recently had someone ask why, after they had purchased a print at the regular price, that a couple of Scratch & Dent prints were added afterwards. Ostensibly because they would have preferred to have purchased the Scratch & Dent at the lower price instead of the mint copy at a much higher cost. I knew that this might eventually come up, so it's not unexpected. 

Here's the deal... while I do have a stack of prints that I *know* are damaged and I'm adding those as quickly as I can allot the time, there's still many lurking in the packages of prints on the shelves and they only come to light when I have to pull a print for an order. 

By and large, the Scratch & Dents have been very popular. I've shipped out a huge number of them over the last few months. This is great for all because it means that the quicker I can go through these individual prints, the quicker I can start to get to some of the other stuff I've been wanting to list. Many of the Scratch & Dents and pretty close to mint condition. I'm trying to over-describe when there is significant damage and I'm keeping prices lowlowlow on those.

Older Poster Editions

Over the holidays, we sold through the remaining prints of shelf inventory on several of the older studio stuff. There are some of the older prints that have less than 5 prints still available. On those editions and the ones that are sold out, I'll start adding copies from the DCS Archive. The price on some of these will be higher than what is in the store right now, so if you're missing anything from the back catalog that you've been considering purchasing, February might be a good time to shop. I'll be adding a selection of prints from the back catalog as sale items on February 12th along with the new prints we have to release. I'll post more about that very soon!

Judy Gex
Judy Gex


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