by Jeff Wood September 09, 2015

We'll be adding the Tipper prints and the PGroove prints to Zen Dragon Gallery on Thursday, Sept. 10 at 3pm EST. This 18" x 24" litho print reproduces one of Jeff's paintings, Alien Daisies," into a lovely gig poster. There is about an inch worth of black border on all sides for easy framing. Please note that these are signed, but not numbered.

Of all the PGroove posters to date, I do believe this one is my favorite! Originally planned to be a litho print, it became a screen print after the printer completely allowed the type to fade out. Lucky for us, because Jeff pulled off a good one. There are only 40 available, but just in case you were wondering, this will also become an art print sometime down the line. And while we're talking about PGroove....

The week of PGroove's reunion show at the GA Theatre, I reduced the prices on almost all of the PGroove posters in the store for our TIP friends and PGroove family. I'm going to set the price back as they were, but not for the next week. For one week ONLY - this Friday, Sept. 11 to next Friday, Sept 18 - the prices will remain the same. For every PGroove poster order, customers will receive a FREE 11x17" 2004 Summer Tour litho as pictured above, and every order for 2 or more PGroove prints, they'll also get a FREE 2007 Clemson Show, Cinco de Mayo OR Amberland print, depending on what was ordered and my choice. This promotion starts on Friday, Sept 11, so if you order on Thursday, you just might miss a couple of PGroove prints I've not added to the store yet. I will also include any festival poster that has PGroove in the lineup, so, get your Groove ON! Search for Perpetual on the web site and it should pull up everything After 3pm EST on Friday.

We'll be putting up a new round of auctions starting on Thursday this week and next. I've been digging in the archives and have pulled some prints that have long been sold out and that rarely come up on Ebay for sale. There will be some 311, Umphrey's, SCI, a Klipsch, Widespread Panic and more. As usual, these will be 7 day auctions, so if you don't see them right away, you'll still have plenty of time to place bids.

1) If you make multiple purchases, wait for me to combine them before you pay, otherwise, payment is expected at auction end.
2) Make sure your Paypal address info is correct


After The Faded Line closed, our friends there were kind enough to send us the back stock that was left over. These will not be reprinted. There are just a few designs and limited size options, but in the next week or two, I will add these to Zen Dragon Gallery. They will be close out prices in hopes that I can relocate these to new homes. Shipping will be included in the price, so if you order these on a separate order from any posters, that will be your best bet. If ordered with posters, I will ship separately so I don't compromise the integrity of the posters.

Also, there are just a few of the Om Mandala Puzzles left. Christmas is coming up. Get them before they are gone forever


Every release I get several special requests, address changes, requests for tracking numbers and requests to combine multiple orders. Correct shipping & email addresses are really important. Even if you write after an order is placed to change your address, there is a chance it won't get changed. Please, take the time to check your email and shipping info in advance of placing an order. If you are moving, fill out a change of address form with the post office so they will forward your mail.

As far as combining orders, I would plead the following: PLEASE try to get all items in ONE order. We have worked very hard to make sure our store could handle the crunch and we're printing larger runs so everyone has a fair chance at getting the prints they want. Even though it may not seem like a big deal, it does mess our bookkeeping up when I have to refund partial shipping. It's also costing you extra since I only refund the lower shipping less a $5 inconvenience fee.

On Shipping Dates: To speed up shipping, I often print labels a day or two in advance of actual shipping. When you receive your label info in an email, it's going to be a couple of days before the shipping info will show up if you click on the Delivery Confirmation number and try to track it. Please wait a few days before writing me to tell me your package is lost. Also remember that it can take 2-4 weeks before I can get orders shipped, depending on how many orders are waiting to be shipped. It's always been this way and it's not going to change. I take longer to ship because of how I ship and I take the time to inspect all prints. This is for YOUR benefit, so please be patient and let me get through the orders at the pace with which I am comfortable.

OK, that should be enough Zen Dragon overload for everyone. Keep yer powder dry. 

Love and Rockets,
The Poster Mistress

Jeff Wood
Jeff Wood


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