Prints Going Up 3/13/15

by Judy Gex March 12, 2015


Hello beautiful people.... It's been a long and tiring day, but I'm going to try and hit some of the highlights.....

Like last week, I'll be making some more listings "live" in the store tomorrow at 3pm. Mostly older stuff, but a few more recent. If I have time tomorrow, I will also try to add some of the prints I pulled on the January 5th drop. 

A very few of the items I know are going up tomorrow have very limited quantities. There's not way for me to get all of this stuff up without the possibility that someone will miss out on something they have been wanting, but remember that there should be a few copies of almost all of the posters to be added from the archive stock at some point, so there will be another chance if anyone does miss out on something. 

The Mahkala print pictured above is one of the very limited. There are 6 available. These are beautiful art prints.... created from a painting by our friend and talented artist, Jen J. Jelenski. The detail is exquisite and Jeff did an amazing job separating the colors for printing. It was printed by Jeff in our studio... one of the very few art projects we've ever taken on for another artist. It's a full sized 22" x 30" print, so it will dominate a wall.... in a very good way.

Don't gasp when you see the price.... I have only 3 of these in near mint condition. They are from the AP edition of 25 and I will get Jeff to remarque them. If the price is too for out there for you, there will be a very few available later as Scratch & Dent prints from the SN Edition. These are from the archive. There will be a very few of the 2008 Deepest End print also tomorrow. 

Like the Deepest End print, these are priced higher because they are coming out of the archives. There are 5 available. There are some uncut sheets that we'll put in the store later, but no idea when that will happen. These are from the original edition, 22" x 30" and I'll get Jeff to remarque these as well.

I also added one of The Dead prints we printed for artist and friend, Richard Biffle. These were licensed through GDM and each has a little numbered hologram sticker on the back. They are official merch and are priced out between what prices are on various sites.

The Artifacts of the Improbable print will also be live tomorrow. There are 10 going into the store. These are also 22" x 30" and amazing in person. From a small run of only 135 and there were some lost to damage at a rainy Bonnaroo one year.

There's a few other notable prints going up.... I tried to make sure they would all show up in the New Releases section, but there's always the chance something didn't make it and will show up under the year links only. SCI, moe., Wakarusa, Derek Trucks Band, Umphrey's McGee, YMSB, Perpetual Groove...... and more.

I still have quite a few prints to add over the next few weeks. Again, once I get the entire catalog up of prints we've got available in the general inventory, I'll start adding prints from the vending inventory, the archives and then the uncuts. Bear with me and be patient.... I'm adding "hidden" listings daily to be made live as I am able. I am reorganizing the shelves and it takes time. There will be some special sales to come and there will be "Easter Egg" sales to be found on some prints.

As always, all prints will be packaged at my discretion, most in 4" Yazoo Mills tubes, rolled and taped in kraft paper for easy removal from the tubes to prevent damage during unpacking. Because these are older posters, I will be taking a little longer to package them as I will inspect all prints before I pack. These should all be considered Near Mint or better with some minor edge dings on some of the prints. There are also prints with rough edges from where we cut them on our 19th Century paper cutter. This is not considered "damage."  We will not accept returns on these prints. Know this before placing an order.

Due to the very limited nature of some of the prints, we also cannot guarantee that we can replace anything damaged in shipping. If we do not have a replacement, a refund will be offered under the condition the print is shipped back to us. Filing a claim with the USPS means the print will have to be turned into the post office and the print likely destroyed. We'd rather refund and get the print back and offer it as a S&D item.

As always, thank you all for supporting our art, and by doing so, allowing us to keep creating more art. We offer our deepest gratitude for that and hope to keep creating art for many years to come. Over and out.....

Judy Gex
Judy Gex


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