New (Old) Prints Being Added 3/6/15

by Judy Gex March 05, 2015

I'll be adding prints to the Zen Dragon Gallery store Friday. It's going to mostly be Drowning Creek Studio prints from 2000-2002. There may be a smattering of newer prints as well, but I have not decided exactly what, so there is no "list." I'm going to schedule the adds to show up at 3pm. I'll try to make sure that all of the new adds show up in the New Releases link, but I won't guarantee it. 

There will be minor mistakes in some of the listings... incorrect edition sizes and venue info. Sizing is, at best, approximate. I advise not ordering frames or mats until you have a print in hand. I also have not yet included Subscription Editions, uncuts, promo prints, printer's proofs or possibly other odd editions/prints in the edition info. A lot of this information was lost when the old site went down and may never be fully reconstructed, but I'll add info as I come across it.

There are multiple options for some prints, i.e., SN Edition, AP, Edition, etc. I have separated the handbills out into separate listings. There are also some non-screen printed posters from 200 & 2001 going up. This is stated multiple times in the listings. Returns are not accepted, so please, make SURE you are getting what you think you are getting BEFORE you hit the Send button to place your order.

NOTE: It is possible for there to be listings that "sell out" that may later have more prints added to them. Many of the most popular prints that sold out long ago may not come up until I get into the archive flat files, but there may be some prints added from the vending inventory, unsold Subscription editions, uncuts  and the scratch & dent piles as I can get to them. I am not purposefully holding anything back, there's just no way I can effectively sort through everything in the studio to get the exact number on some items. If I tried, the store would never get finished! 

I know that there are a lot of you looking for specific prints for your personal collections. I'd love to be able to try and chase down prints to fulfill those requests, but I can't chase down individual requests AND get the store up and running, soooo..... I'll be focusing on store listings until I have most of those up. 

OK, back to the listings....

Judy Gex
Judy Gex


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