Studio Update 2-26-15

by Judy Gex February 26, 2015

Alrighty, I'm getting ready to add more items to the Zen Dragon Gallery web store next week. Please read this. Most questions about the adds to the store will be answered here.

I'm still working on listings, so I have not decided exactly when I will make the new listings live. I'm not making a "preview" list. All newly added listings will go under the New Releases link.

In this store update, I will be listing prints from the general inventory, mostly from the earlier years, and a few prints left over from recent drops. Please don't write asking what, how many or how much anything going into the store will be. I'll announce publicly to our mailing list, Facebook pages and on the Zen Dragon Gallery blog the date & time prints will be made live at least 24 hours in advance.

After I get the bulk of the listings in the store, I will start adding the vending inventory, Scratch & Dent items, and last will be prints from the archive. This means that it's possible for a print to "sell out" and then be re-stocked from other inventory.

This is a massive job.... I appreciate the offers of help, but until I get some shelves cleared and the bulk of the prints in the store, this is all me.

Most of the prints are "mint," but there will be some of the older prints that I would label as "toured." This means the print area is mint, but there may be soft corners or other slight edge imperfections. These prints have been handled many times and even though they have been wrapped and stored well, they are still years old. It's a physical impossibility for me to inspect each and every poster before I add them to the store, but if I come across any that have more damage than what I just described, I will pull them, adjust the inventory, and add those prints as a Scratch & Dent option. Sales are final, so I'm letting y'all know now that a print with a soft corner will not be considered damaged and we will not take returns on them. If I sell a print and then discover when I pull it to ship that it is damaged or otherwise not up to my standards, I will contact the buyer and discuss how they would like to proceed. There may be cases where I refund the cost of the print. We do not guarantee any sales for this reason.

That may seem ambiguous, but due to the nature of the business, it's necessary. Our primary purchasing audience is people who might have been looking for a print because they went to the show, love the band or the art and/or genre, not people who are looking for an absolute mint print that they can resell.

Pricing will be all over the board depending on the print, the band and if the print has been published in one of the many books in which our prints have appeared. The initial prices will be lower than the prices I set once I start adding items from the archive. I am referencing Ebay, EB and D.King Gallery before I establish price. The first 2 are unreliable and not definitive, IMO, and D.King represents the higher end. My prices will be somewhere in between. Prints I have more than 15 to sell will be priced on an average lower and prints there are less than 10 to sell will be set higher.

I cannot limit how many prints are purchased in an order, but I will not pack more than 5-8 prints per 4" tube depending on the weight of the paper on which the posters were printed. There may be additional shipping charges for orders over 6 prints. Orders for multiple prints that are higher in price may also need to be split into more than one tube for insurance purposes. I will handle orders like this on an individual basis as it comes up.

Please be patient as I get all of this online. Like I said, this is a massive undertaking. The goal is to have a listing for every poster we have ever done with as much info as possible for each. That means that we will have listings for all available prints and reference listings for those that are sold out.

Thanks to all of you for every purchase of our prints. We are so grateful to be able to pursue our artistic endeavors. We thank you for letting us live that dream.

After thought on the prints I'm adding to the store:
There will be single listings with drop down menus for what is available, i.e., SN Edition, AP Edition, Handbills, Scratch & Dent.... BE CAREFUL when placing orders so that you get the right print.

Judy Gex
Judy Gex


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