Zen Dragon Shipping and Product Update 1/9/15

by Judy Gex January 09, 2015

Electric Jerry Available Now!

VisionLab Art has added the Electric Jerry print to the store. This print is a limited numbered edition on both watercolor paper and canvas. The watercolor edition will be 150 pieces and the canvases will be limited to 50.

Clarification on the Mindbender canvases: These are NOT a limited edition. It's an open edition which means we will print them as long as there is a demand for them. 

Shipping Update on the Jan. Drop

The original intent with doing the drop on Monday was that I would begin packing tubes on Wednesday. Due to the mix up in numbers on the WSP NYE prints, I spent Tuesday and Wednesday trying to work out how to handle that. Fast forward to Thursday... I thought I would get started packing tubes then, but Mother Nature decided to kill my car battery and the day was spent fixing my car.

On the WSP print debacle and lottery for upgrades: I have accounted for MOST of the prints I needed to upgrade, but there will be a very few more upgrade invites to be sent out. PLEASE.... don't write me to tell me you want to upgrade or that you want to be included in the "lottery." If you ordered an AE, you're already included. I cannot stress enough that I don't have time to reply to each individual email about this. My time is better spent getting packages out.

I did get to the studio today and finished prepping editions. I also packed all the orders that came in just prior to the drop, so those will ship tomorrow. I will be back in the studio tomorrow and will pack what I can. I will start packing tubes again on Tuesday. I don't usually talk about how many orders I have in the queue, but I really need everyone to understand how much I have to do and that the less emails I have asking where orders are is important. I have almost 300 tubes to pack in less than 2 weeks before we leave to go visit my family and take a couple of painting seminars. I don't want to leave any orders on hold while I am away, so the next week absolutely has to run smoothly.

I will post updates here almost daily. I will also cross post them to the Zen Dragon Gallery FB page and the Widespread Panic Poster Collectors FB page. Y'all are welcome to share the updates anywhere else they seem appropriate.

Again, if you go check your order status on our web site and it still says "Unfulfilled," that does not mean your order is in limbo or has been cancelled. It simply means your order has not been packaged for shipping yet. As soon as I pack orders, I change the status to "Fulfilled." You should also get an email with your Delivery Confirmation number when I print your label. Look for that. Also, make SURE your mail carrier knows to put the tube in a place where it will not get rained on or stolen. If there is ANY concern either of those could happen to your tube, advise your carrier to keep the tube at the post office for pick up. Insurance does NOT cover tubes rained on or stolen after delivery. 

Edition Sizes: In our haste to get the drop done so orders could be packed before we leave on a short vacation, I neglected to nail down and post edition sizes on several of the prints released. Here's some of the numbers that were missing:

The Black Keys ATL AE edition - 115 SN AE
The Black Keys ATL Foil edition - 60 SN

Tedeschi Trucks Band Tour 2014 Foil - 10 SN
Tedeschi Trucks Band Tour 2014 Gold - 30 SN

Widespread Panic Blue Ice AE - 85 SN AE
Widespread Panic Blue Velvet Foil - 195 SN

There are a couple more I did not get to tonight, but will add those numbers tomorrow. 

That's it for tonight. Have a great weekend, y'all!


Judy Gex
Judy Gex


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