Happy New Year From Zen Dragon Gallery!

by Judy Gex January 03, 2015

Hard to believe it's 2015 already, but here we are.... from my FB news feed, it seems like most everyone had a great NYE and Christmas. This makes me happy!

Cutting to the chase, we're ready to add more prints to the web store. We've had a lot of prints drop for shows in the last month, so this drop is going to be bigger than usual. 

I’ve got everything set to go at 3pm EST on Monday, January 5th. Tubes will be here early next week and I’ll print packing slips Tuesday and prep everything to start packing tubes on Wednesday so I can get the first batch to the Post Office on Thursday.

All the new prints going into the store will show up under the New Releases link. The Panic will also show up under the Widespread Panic link, and The Black Keys & Tedeschi Trucks prints will also have their own separate links. 

Here's a couple of tips on helping the process to go smoothly:

I recommend setting up your account in the store ahead of time so all you have to do is log in instead of having to enter all your info at the time of the drop.

Check your shipping address info. Double check it.

Orders will not be combined because of the time involved in combining and refunding shipping. We'll need to get these packages out as quickly as possible as we're leaving at the end of January for a short trip. 

Be patient when your order is placed. There is only one of me organizing and packing all the orders. If you received an order confirmation, your order is solid. As soon as I get your order packed, you'll get an email with your tracking info. 

I did not have digital files for some of the variants, so I took some less-than-great photos for those listings…. sorry about that, but most of you are familiar enough with the papers Jeff is printing on to know the pictures won’t do them justice.

Here’s what will be in the New Releases: 

From the back catalog:
2005 The Derek Trucks Band Spring Summer Tour Poster
2006 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow Poster
2009 Mock Show Poster - Miami

New prints:
2014 The Tedeschi Trucks Band Tour Poster Artist Edition
2014 The Tedeschi Trucks Band Tour Poster Curious Super Gold Variant
2014 The Tedeschi Trucks Band Tour Poster Hologram Sparkle Foil Variant

2014 Tedeschi Trucks Band Beacon Theatre Show Poster
2014 Tedeschi Trucks Band Beacon Theatre Show Poster Curious Cognac Variant

2014 The Black Keys Denver Show Poster
2014 The Black Keys Atlanta Show Poster
2014 The Black Keys Atlanta Show Poster Hologram Foil Variant

2014 Dominican Holidaze Poster Curious Copper Venom Paper
2014 Strings & Sol Poster Curious Cognac Paper

2014 Widespread Panic Charlotte NYE Curious Metallic Indigo Poster
2014 Widespread Panic Charlotte NYE Deep Royal Blue Velvet Cosmic Foil Poster

So, there it is.... bigger pics will be available in the listings, but that's a decent representation of what's going up in the store. 

Judy Gex
Judy Gex


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