Panic Halloween Uncut Drop Details....

by Judy Gex November 09, 2014

Here's the deets on the drop....

We've made a decision to postpone the drop until Wednesday at 3pm EST instead of doing it tomorrow so I can work out some shipping issues. This will make for a better experience for all. We were all ready to go tomorrow, but when I put the shipping app through its paces, I found some issues that were not conducive to our shipping needs. Sooooo... sorry for the false alarm for Monday.

To answer questions regarding variants, there will be uncuts on the same Curious Red Lacquer Sparkle Metallic paper the cut editions are printed on and one variant edition on Curious Cosmic Red Velvet Metallic Foil. There will be 2 listings in the store, separated to not be confusing. "Curious Red Lacquer" and "Cosmic Red Velvet Foil" will distinguish the headers.

This is a ONE PER ORDER drop. I will refund or cancel orders for multiple prints.

I will also be adding 5 prints from earlier years.... don't freak out if you are worried you will miss out on something by focusing on the Panic uncuts. The items I am adding should show up under the "New Releases" menu button once they are active.

I'm gonna go teach my yoga class and try to get my zen on before coming back to see if I can get this shipping thing nailed down. Again, sorry for postponing the drop, but be happy I caught the discrepancy before it was too late!!

If I think of anything else, I'll post an update.

Judy Gex
Judy Gex


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