Sometimes, We Lose A Few....

by Judy Gex March 25, 2016

I've been told I explain and apologize too much sometimes, but I feel that explaining some things helps folks to understand the "why" behind the what. 

So, when Jeff was transporting the Widespread Panic Athens prints from the print shop where he has all of our prints cut, a woman cut him off in traffic causing him to slam his brakes to avoid hitting her. That woman, in an instant of self absorbtion, caused us a wee bit of damage.

We had to destroy some of the silver variant prints. Since we transported them a couple of days after the prints were sold in the store, that means I do not have any more of those except for the S&D copy in the store. There are none of these in our archive.

There was another variant that we did not put in the store.... a silver rainbow sparkle. All 25 copies of this one has a bent lower right corner. 

The foil prints are beautiful but they are quite slick. We've never had this happen before, so there was no reason to change the way we transport prints before. We'll be changing that in order to prevent any further mishaps.

Anyway, if you got one of the silver prints, there will not be any more of that edition ever released by Zen Dragon. I am working on auction listings right now and I'm going to put one of the silver sparkles up. 

Judy Gex
Judy Gex


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