Posters Back In The Web Store....

by Judy Gex March 17, 2016

I've gotten a few emails recently asking about prints that have been added to the web store after the original drop sold out. I thought I would take a moment to clarify that and to have a reference link to send as an answer to any further queries, so I don't have to retype the explanation. Soooo.....

There are several reasons why prints that have not been in the store or that appear to have been "sold out" might end up back in the store..... here's a few....

Whenever we do a "release," we allways keep some of the edition reserved in case we have to replace prints damaged or lost in shipping.

We "archived" 5-10 of every print we ever created as sort of a "retirement" collection.

Our original inventory was split between shelf, packaged prints for vending and travel portfolios with only the inventory from the shelf being in the store.

Damaged prints that were pulled as we found them that were set aside to be sold as Scratch & Dent prints.

I've been adding some of these prints to the store, little by little, as I get to them and as time allows. These are all from the original print runs, either the actual show edition or other edition created at the time the prints were counted out for the show edition and any other editions such as Artist, Subscription, etc.

We are not reprinting any editions. Screen printing isn't as easy as pressing a button. It would be incredibly labor intensive to recreate/print film positives and screens, remix inks exactly to match, and then print and cut just to have a few extra copies to sell. We'd rather spend our time creating new art and prints instead of recreating the past. 

The listings in the store are not without some errors. I am working to correct that as I go through and add prints or check listings. I don't have all of the editioning info listed because a lot of that was lost when we dismantled our last web site. I *am* wotrking to recreate that info for posterity's sake as much as possible. This is a monumental job with the number of prints created by Low Brow Ink, Drowning Creek and Zen Mystic studios.

So, in conclusion, if you see prints relisted that were previously sold out, there is a completely non-nefarious reasonable explanation.

Judy Gex
Judy Gex


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