Posted on September 19, 2018 by Andrea Holt

There are 2 variant editions that will be available this Thursday, September 20th, at 3pm EST. Please respect the limit for only ONE FOIL PER CUSTOMER! There will only be 40 foils available, let's give everyone a fair shot at them, eh?

Type: screen print
Artist: Jeff Wood
Studio: Zen Mystic Studio

Rainbow Foil Edition
Size: Approx 18x24"
SN/50 Edition on Rainbow Foil - $85

Cryogenic White (cream) Edition
Size: Approx 18x24"
SN/100 - $75


We've just about finished our store inventory and while we were doing that, we decided to clean out some odd items and other prints that we had laying around to create a few Mystery Tubes. 

Tubes are pre-packed and stuffed to the 4" tube limit in most cases. If other prints are ordered on the same order with a Mystery Tubes, we will need to send a Pay Request to cover the extra shipping. 

Tubes will include 5-10 prints each and cannot hold more than one per. These are bargain deals, so we're not going to absorb the extra shipping to ship separate tubes.

Posters could be from any year, style or genre of band or even from other poster artists.

There will be some premium prints scattered amongst the tubes.

Some of the prints included may be S&D, but will be in Fine condition


Check the New Releases section on the site tomorrow for a couple of other surprises... and there's new stuff in the Scratch & Dent section, too!!

September Studio Update

Posted on September 06, 2018 by Andrea Holt

Hey y'all.... seems like a long time since my last update, so here goes.....
We're in another transitional phase at the shop. We're doing inventory, and I'm very close to being able to bring the rest of all of the prints from Commerce here to the shop in Athens. It's been a long time in the getting there, but once it's done, there will be several neat benefits.
While inventorying items, we are also going through all of the prints and pulling any with damages and then adding them to the Scratch & Dent section on the site.
We're also pulling odds & ends like P/P edition where there's still A/E prints available and we're planning on making up a few mystery tubes.
Part of the prints coming from the old studio is our Archive." If you're not exactly sure what that is, many years ago, we started pulling 6-10 of every print we've created and putting them back so we would have stuff for art shows, auction donations and other purposes like that. Over 20 years, that has accumulated into a big storage problem, soooo, we're paring it back to 4 of each print with the remaining prints to be made available for purchase. It's going to be a slow process, but I hope to start putting some of those into the store by the end of this month.
There's not available prints from every edition. We've dipped into the archives occasionally over the years and some prints may never have another come up for sale from us, buuuuut... there's a lot of the previously sold out prints where there will be 2-6 that might be put in the web store.
Anyway, the email issue is still giving us fits... the only sure way to make certain you're getting our email notices is to go into your spam folder and tell your mail program that emails coming from our email address are not junk. This should "train" your email to not throw them in the spam folder. Hopefully.
Have a great weekend.... keep your powder dry and your whistle wet....
Cheers, Judy

Foo Fighters Shipping Update

Posted on August 09, 2018 by Andrea Holt

We've just about got all of the Foo Fighters orders shipped. There's some other loose ends we're also wrapping up this week, but we're taking a couple of days off tomorrow and Saturday to move some shelves into the new space to help with our storage issues. Stay tuned for the 311 Charlotte print to go into the store next week (Aug 16), and some news on some other items we'll be adding to the store!!

Email Notifications Going to Spam Folder

Posted on August 08, 2018 by Andrea Holt

Please check your spam folders for your order confirmation & shipping notices with your tracking numbers. It seems like the Internet Gods have decided that the auto-notices are junk mail. This has resulted in an inordinate number of inquiries about orders being confirmed & when packages are going out. The label/tracking information should also be posting to your customer account on our web site. If you log in and check your orders, that info should be there if we've created your label. If we have not, it will still say "unfulfilled." You may need to refresh your browser to see the updates. 

We'd love to answer and explain this to everyone who writes, but the increase in inquiries is making it almost impossible for us to reply to everyone individually. 


Dillon & Red Rocks SCI SHIPPING UPDATE!!!

Posted on July 30, 2018 by Andrea Holt

SHIPPING UPDATE: We have packed some of the SCI prints and have printed labels, but they will not ship until tomorrow. The rest will ship on Wednesday. PLEASE... check your spam folders in your email for your ship notices with your Delivery Confirmation numbers. You can also check for your shipping info in your customer account on our web site. Just log in and go to your order history. If it still says "Unfulfilled," your label has not been printed yet.

We're Still Waiting!!

Posted on July 09, 2018 by Judy Gex

Hey folks,
I am really swamped right now... starting to package up orders that do not include the Panic in the Streets prints, but we're still waiting to hear when those will be ready for us to sign and number. Please, if you see someone asking about them, let them know we'll pass of the info as soon as we know something.
Thanks, Judy

The Fulfillment Office Is Moving Again!!!

Posted on June 13, 2018 by Judy Gex

Well, here we go moving again.... hopefully to what will be our final destination for our shipping operation. It looks like we will get it done fairly quickly, but we wanted to notify our customers that there could be some delays through the end of June on shipping packages. We're going to do our best to make sure everything goes out as quickly as possible, but we know the unexpected can happen, so....

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