FLASH SALE!! Handbill Mystery Pack


It's time for another fun Mystery Pack Sale! If you like small art prints & music handbills, this is right up your alley.

We've created over 100 handbills and mini prints for Drowning Creek Studio and Zen Mystic Studio over the years, and there's a big box of stuff that needs to be sorted, so while Judy is cleaning the poster room, she's putting together a small number of Handbill Mystery Packs. 

Each Priority Envelope will include at least:

•3-5 music handbills
•2 mini art prints
•1 full size & 1 small sticker
•a 5-pack of Pure Hemp papers with Jeff Wood stickers on them
• other small decals of various provenance, printed studio promotional items

We've taken our $15 shipping fee into consideration on the total cost, and will make sure the packs are sufficiently packaged accordingly. 

Please order this item alone since the shipping cost is being partially used for handbill stuff. Picture is just a sample of items that may be included.

Visit our Shipping Policy page for shipping details