2018 Panic In The Streets Book Cover Art Print



SN Artist Edition 

Size: 12"x18"
Type: Embossed Litho
Artist: Jeff Wood
Studio: Zen Mystic Studio

LITHO Print w/ gold metallic and foil embossing on heavy stock will be available in a short pre-sale. Starting June 13 and running through June 22nd. Orders will not ship until the Last week of June.  Edition size TBD (Too Be Determined) by number of prints ordered.

From Jeff:

"When asked to handle the cover of the book, I sat and thought about the imagery I needed to create that would convey a feeling of what was happening before that fateful night 20 years ago. Of course, it was the release party for "Light Fuse, Get Away" bringing up images of fireworks, but also I wanted to illustrate the real story so well detailed in the book, all the sparks leading up to what was supposed to be a 20,000 person event that unexpectedly exploded into a 100,000 freaky free-for-all. It was a street party the likes of Athens had never seen before and maybe, never will again. Thus, the image of a guitar with a fuse burning away in a serene downtown Athens unaware of the explosion about to happen. Lots of sparks were flying as the show date grew increasingly close. In the weeks leading up to the event, the proverbial calm before the storm wasn't so calm behind the scenes.
I would like to thank UGA Press and Gordon for allowing me to create the cover art for this book marking the 20th anniversary remembrance of the event. It has been a true honor."

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