2016 Widespread Panic Classic Center Athens Uncut Diptych ALL SIZES & VARIANTS


30x22" Uncut Edition(s): 
SN/85 Artist Edition
SN/25 Artist Edition  on SILVER SPARKLE paper (A/E) 

15x22" SIngle Cut Prints:
SN/4 AP Edition - Left side/Night One 
SN/6 AP Edition - Rightside/Night Two

FYI:  ALL of the Silver Sparkles have a bent lower right corner. It's not very noticeable, but it's there... Jeff almost had an accident while transporting them from the place we have them trimmed. We lost some of them and a huge number of the silver foil. 

Type: Screen print
Venue: Classic Center, Athens, GA
Artist: Jeff Wood
Studio: Zen Mystic Studio

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