2016 Black Snake Prayer Art Print


SN/330 Limited Edition Art Print

Size: Approx 18x18"
Type: Screen Print on Curious Cognac
Venue: Art Print
Artists: Jeff Wood
Studio: Zen Mystic Studio

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Here is Jeff's description of the elements he brought together in this prayer mandala:

The print is a medicine mandala prayer piece relating the story of the Lakota prophesy concerning the destruction of the black snake: "There is an old Lakota prophecy of a black snake, a creature that would rise from the deep, bringing with it great sorrow and great destruction. For many years, the Lakota people have wondered what the prophecy meant and when it would come to pass. When they heard news of this pipeline — this tube, immeasurably long, that would pump black oil through the heart of this country — some Lakota people began to wonder if the snake appeared at last." ~ YES Magazine

The 7 Eagle feathers on each side of the skull represent the seven tribes of the Sioux Nation that have reunited for the first time since the Battle of Greasy Grass (Little Bighorn). The 4 Eagle feathers, one in each corner are the 4 directions. The Buffalo skull and tracks represent the Buffalo medicine brought to the camp by the appearance of the herd during the standoff. Colored red, black, white and yellow, the tracks also represent all races coming together to fight this battle. Finally, the severed black snake is a prayer for victory. A water bird is taking the prayer to the heavens.  

The sale of this print benefits the Stronghold Society's  http://strongholdsociety.org/ mission of working with Native youth through art, skateboarding and suicide prevention.