2002 SXSW Tee Pee Records Showcase


This might be the rarest of the prints produced and printed at Drowning Creek... the press was new to us, but was not working properly and much of this print run was too far out of register to get good copies. We managed to pull 75 pretty decent ones, but they are on a funky paper with the backs printed in the yellow from this design... so several weird unique things about this print. It is also in The Art of Modern Rock.

SN/75 Show Edition
Unsigned/Unnumbered Handbills

Poster approx 11x29"
Handbill approx 5x11"

Type: screen print
Venue: SXSW, Austin TX
Artists: Ralph Walters & Jeff Wood
Studio: Drowning Creek Studio

This print is featured in the Art of Modern Rock
AoMR (Art of Modern Rock) 253.1

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