2001 Big Dumb Face TLA Philadelphia Litho Show Poster


For a short period of time after Drowning Creek Studio was formed, we were without our own printing equipment and the printer we had been using had gone out of business. While we were trying to find a new printer, we were faced with either not creating posters at all or doing offset litho prints. We decided on the latter. These were all fairly small editions and some of them sold out very quickly. We've not had these in the store for a long time, but are ready to reclaim that shelf space. 

All the litho prints are in Very Fine condition unless having been labeled otherwise as further damaged. They are 14-15 years old, and there may be corners that are not sharp and there are printing anomalies in some. These are sold "As Is." Print area is edge to edge, there is no margin. These are NOT screen prints.... please be aware of that before you order. Sales are final.

Edition(s): 150 pc SN, unnumbered signed APs
Size: 11x17"
Type: Offset litho print
Venue: The Theatre of the Living Arts, Philadelphia, PA
Artist: Jeff Wood
Studio: Drowning Creek Studio

Prints available are from the SN Edition and the unnumbered, signed AP Edition

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