2007 Cloud 9 Jam Cruise 5 Girl


SN/275 Show Edition
SN/25 Artist Proof Edition
SN/40 Subscription Edition
SN/3 Printers Proof Edition

Size: Approx 15x22"

Type: Screen print
Venue: MSC Opera
Artists: Jeff Wood
Studio: Drowning Creek Studio

Scratch & Dent Details:
A) SN #15/25 Artist Proof Edition - number was erased and rewritten

• The Scratch & Dent option is for damaged prints from editions. These prints are not mint condition, but image area is fine unless otherwise clarified. Due to time constraints, we do not take pictures for these items, especially if there are multiples. We do our best to describe any damage, and list them at what we consider a fair price.  Sales on S&D prints are final. 

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