Witchy Woman Art Print

Artist Edition of 50 prints
18" x 24" • French Paper
Signed and Numbered • Remarqued

This print was created for the Class Of '72 group show of exclusive prints inspired by the iconic music released that year.  The show was hosted by The Flood Gallery UK of London. 
"Being a teenager in the Southern United States during the 70's, and having parents who were hardcore country music fans, the Eagles were one of my first loves. They were a transition from country music to rock and roll for me. Today, they are still a guilty pleasure of mine. When I first heard Witchy Woman it conjured up images in my young pubescent mind of this mystical, sexy woman who could have her way with you and would always leave you wanting more. As I got older and more "experienced", I came to associate the song more with the raw emotions, sex, drugs and rock & roll.
When asked to illustrate this project, I listened once again with new ears. The opening Native style drumbeat set the tone for the image. I envisioned a mystical native dancer shrouded in a swirling mist conjuring animal guides.This peyote vision style of art used on the piece is based heavily on Native American Visionary artwork. I credit Oscar Howe, Blackbear Bosin and Rance Hood, all practitioners who popularized this style art, as being a major influences on my work in the visionary aspects of my career."

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