2000 BAND AUTOGRAPHED 311 Incubus Lakewood ATL

Jeff & Judy hand carried 5 of these and the Lakewood 2000 print to the show at Lakewood for the band to sign. They graciously did so, and we've had these tucked away in a flat file ever since. We're getting one of each framed for ourselves, but it's time to let the remaining ones go. A couple have gone out to collectors over the last decade, but there are 3 of this print available. There are 2 of the Lakewood print in another listing. Band signatures are in silver marker in the print area of the posters.

Unnumbered Signed & Band Autographed AP Edition

Size: Approx 11x30" 
Type: Screen print
Venue: Lakewood Amphitheatre, Atlanta
Artist: Jeff Wood
Studio: Low Brow Ink

This print is featured in the Art of Modern Rock book
AoMR (Art of Modern Rock) 091.3 

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