2003 The Dead SPAC Uncut Press Sheet


SN/20 Uncut Edition

Size: Approx 23x35"
Type: screen print
Venue: SPAC, Saratoga, NY
Artist: Richard Biffle
Printed by Drowning Creek Studio

Posters available are from the official SN uncut press sheet edition with the GDM numbered hologram decal of authenticity on the back.

This print is an uncut press sheet, that has not been previously sold on our web site. All uncut press sheets have varying degrees of edge damage and/or bends or creases in the corners & margins due to handling during printing. That is normal and acceptable since most of the prints are cut down from the full sheet size and the damaged edges are thus removed during trimming. It does not affect the printed area at all. There is a numbered GDM official hologram seal on the back of these prints signifying them as official GDM merchandise.

NOTE ABOUT THE PHOTOS: The pictures are an actual print from the edition except for the last pic which is a digital representation of the single poster that I have included for detail. This print is from the original limited edition print run. 

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