2017 Handbill Mystery Packs! 3 Options!!


It's time for another fun Mystery Pack Sale! This time, we're going to do Handbills under 6x12" inches so we can flat ship them in 10x15" envelopes. Since we're doing this through our web store, we're taking into consideration the shipping costs and will apply some of the shipping to product, so keep that in mind. 

There have been over 100 handbills and mini prints created by Drowning Creek Studio and Zen Mystic Studio over the years. We've also got some by other artists in our personal collection that we may pull from, too. There might also be the odd decal added to some packs. Yes, there will be a few "premium" items scattered amongst the final packs.

There's 3 options:
Noob for $35 + 15 Shipping
Collector for $50 + 15 Shipping
Addict for $75 + 15 Shipping

Please order this item alone since the shipping cost is being partially used for handbill stuff. Picture is just a sample of items that may be included.

Visit our Shipping Policy page for shipping details

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