1998 Lo-Down Ho-Down Rockabilly Show at Surfside Bowling


In the early days of our poster venture, Low Brow Ink was formed out of the friendship of Johnny DiDonna, Jeff Wood and Mike Martin. The guys all worked together at a large screen print facility. For a brief period of time while we all lived just south of Myrtle Beach, there were a few posters that were printed in Jeff and Judy's dining room for friends' bands or events. The collaborative poster group was to be short-lived, however, as each member moved from the beach to other locations. 

These prints are not perfect by any definitions. They were some of the first we printed and some are out of register, and there are places where the ink may be thin or even non-existent. These are down and dirty punk rock posters.... the start of it all.

SN/150 edition
Approx size 18 X 24" 

Type: Screen print
Venue: Surfside Bowl, Surfside, SC
Artists Jeff Wood, MikeMartin & Johnny Thief DiDonna
Studio: Low Brow Ink

This print is featured in the Art of Modern Rock
AoMR (Art of Modern Rock) 185.1

• The Scratch & Dent option is for damaged prints from editions. These prints are not mint condition, but image area is fine unless otherwise clarified. Due to time constraints, we will not always be able to describe each S&D print individually or take pictures for most of them, especially if there are multiples. Edge and corner damage is to be expected in the margins of the prints listed without a description. Any creases or damage in the print area will be noted in the listings.  We list them at what we consider a fair price.  Sales on S&D prints are final. 

S&D Details: Minor edge/corner damage, smudges in margins

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